Some Important Pointers On Home Owners Association Management}

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Some Important Pointers On Home Owners Association Management


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A Home Owners Association (HOA) is often times seen as an entity beyond the housing addition. There are HOAs that cover condominiums, new home development, and certain apartment complexes. Each property has a different set of rules so it’s important to read each list so you know what is expected of the residents.

Tip No. 1: Know your residents, each board has information on the people who live within the edition, getting to know them is paramount, if a problem arises, you will not need to use outside law enforcement unless it’s called for. Keep updated records and ask for information to be updated when it becomes available.

Tip No. 2: Make sure that everybody is compliant with the rules and regulations. Some people might not agree but assure them that you are there to help keep home values rising in case they want to sell later down the road.

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Tip No. 3: Remember that home improvements are designed to increase a neighborhoods allure, don’t set the rules in stone, and be flexible when a homeowner needs special attention such as a wheelchair ramp. Suggest alternatives instead of denying requests.

Tip No. 4: Open the books at every meeting to let the home owners know how their dues are being spent. If there is any discrepancy, fix it immediately. You don’t want to stir up a lawsuit because of something that should have been taken care of beforehand.

Tip No. 5: Hold regular meetings with your staff and encourage residents to attend as well. An HOA should not be a secret society; it should work as a group of people who want to keep their neighborhoods looking proper. Have an open forum as well.

Tip No. 6: Rotate out members, there should be a term limit for those who serve. Do not expect people to pay for the same faces at each meeting. Give people who have previous experience a chance to run. Hold elections if necessary.

Tip No. 7: Never use funds for personal use, you are asking for a lawsuit. Show people how much is in the general account and how funds are collected and spent. If dues are late, try to find out why before posting bills on somebody’s door.

Tip No. 8: Give each resident a copy of the bylaws and if anything changes or is updated send out that amendment as well. Residents want to be informed of changes that benefit them or hinder them so they know what laws the HOA governs.

Tip No. 9: Report all incidents such as burglaries, vehicle damage, or dwelling damage. Residents must be informed of all activity; non-disclosure of information may cause the bylaws to become null and void. Publish a monthly newsletter to inform all residents.

Tip No. 10. Do not use the power of the board for favors. Residents will not tolerate paying for privileges of board members.

If you follow these vital rules then your HOA will operate with the homeowner in mind. Since the people who sit on the board also live in the community, they will be beholden to the same rules that you request of the residents. A HOA does not have to be against the people who fund it, it should be a community of people who take pride in their biggest investment of home ownership.

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Some Important Pointers On Home Owners Association Management


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