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The R4 is a cartridge based storage device used in the Nintendo DS gaming console. The Nintendo DS isn’t supplied with any form of re-writable storage media, thus making this the ideal alternative. Users are especially fond of it, for the functionality it provides.

With the usage of a flash card in it, users can easily play not only the traditional official games for the Nintendo DS, but also a host of “home brew video games”, which are unofficial games written by programmers as a hobby. Supports frequent changing of loaded games.

Smart card capabilities

As it is based off usage with a variety of a smart card, it stays true to its nature while allowing users to seamlessly transfer their files and data. Since it supports a non volatile memory card, data is retained even after you power down your device. While being used with the R4 SDHC card, which is considered a next generation smart card, it supports multiple functions. However it supports many more features than the average smart card.

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Usage in the Nintendo DS

The R4 cartridge is considered as a must have peripheral for anyone with a Nintendo DS, and for good reason, it supports easy drag and drop, so all the user has to do it select the files he or she wants to copy, and simply drag them from their location on the computer and drop them onto the card. The cartridge extensively accepts a Micro SDHC card, thus making it possible for the user to run any number of applications, read e-books, watch movies, listen to music, browse pictures, and of course play video games.

Purely plug and play

From the moment you pull your R4 SDHC out of the box, to the moment you insert it into your spring loader in the Nintendo DS, everything falls right into place, the touch screen is supported. Plugs into SLOT-1, without the need for adapters or pass cards, and you need not worry since it’s a flush sitting card, and doesn’t jut out of the device. Full support for the sleep mode has also been worked in, and works well with no issued reported. It is works with either FAT16 or FAT32 systems, and works independent of the OS your running.

Storage capacity and speed

The storage capacity of the R4 SDHC can be anywhere from 4GB to the newly released 32GB. Write speed can vary from 6x to 40x. Cards are divided into classes depending on the speed they support, Class 2 supports up to 2mbps (13x), Class 4 supports up to 4mbps (26x), and Class 6 supports up to 6mbps.(40x)

Tips to use newly purchased cartridge

Always create separate folders for games, movies, music, etc. Always back-up data, in case you lose your card. Avoid taking out the cartridge when not required, it weakens the already problematic spring loader in the DS.

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